5 Ways to Organize Your College Life


Being in college comes with all new responsibilities and challenges. Sometimes it can be difficult to find the right balance between all of your classes, extra curricular activities and your turn up time, but if you want to be successful, you have to get organized. Whether you are a freshman, senior or non-traditional student, you will soon realize time is precious and you can’t afford to waste it because your unorganized. While in school, I developed some ways to organize my college life and get stuff done. Check out some of my tips below!

1.Write it down!- Homework, meetings, practices…whatever it is, write it down. Most of the time you are going to have a full schedule so it’s really easy to forget you had a meeting with a professor or you told your friend you’d help them study. The best way to solve this is to write everything down. There are different ways you can do this. I like to use a planner, because it basically organizes your whole semester for you and they are small and easy to carry around for last-minute changes. There are also planner apps you can use on your phone for fast access. If you don’t like planners you can use a note pad to create daily to do lists. Write down your tasks in order of importance and check them off as you complete them. Writing down your schedule and planning ahead will eliminate 90% of college anxiety and procrastination.

2.Get Off the Internet!- Yes, I am telling you to get off Facebook and Instagram but only for a little bit. I love going on social media and surfing the web but I find myself getting distracted when I’m supposed to be focusing on something. I could be happily blogging until I see one of my friends tag me in a post on Facebook. Then suddenly I’m Face timing, scrolling Instagram and watching my favorite YouTube videos. I’m learning to unplug myself from social media and the internet while I’m working. If you can’t resist social media on your own there are apps like Self Control to help you maximize your productivity.

3.Plan ahead!-Plan Ahead, Plan Ahead, Plan Ahead! I can’t say this tip enough. This can go for everything from homework to your outfit and hair for the next day. Whenever I forget to set my clothes out for the next day, check/send my emails, set my alarm and stock my book bag, I start the day feeling like I have to play catchup. Planning ahead has been my biggest timesaver ever and has helped me stay on track throughout the week.

4.Clean your room!- I know, you’re in college now and you finally have the freedom to keep your room as dirty as you’d like without your mom bugging you to clean it up. But having a cluttered room can actually make it hard to find the things you need. This goes for your desks and work areas too. It’s much easier to get things done when everything is clean, organized and ready to go.

5.Do it now!- Because of your busy schedule, it can be tempted to use most of your free time to nap or watch TV. This is fine sometimes, but if you are sitting in your room with nothing to do it would help you a lot to use some of that free time to start on researching for your 5 page paper or looking over your notes for tomorrow’s exam. Do it now and you’ll be ahead of the game!

That concludes my list of 5 ways to organize your college life. One thing to remember about college, is that it is a learning process and you’re not going to have it all together in the beginning. Try your best and you will eventually see the results you want.


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