The Boy is…….Ours?


Back in 1998 Brandy and Monica has us all singing “The boy is mine”. In this duet these ladies go back and forth over who the boy belongs to. They even sing about why they both feel they are the better woman for him. This type of situation happens everyday, where two girls end up dating the same guy. Although Monica and Brandy kept it cordial that’s not how it always goes down in reality. Sadly there are many girls willing to physically fight for their so-called man. I’ve witnessed many girls find out their boyfriend is cheating and immediately attack the other girl, verbally and physically. Their excuse is always “She knew I was with him, she should have respected my relationship!”

While this is true and I do not condone women messing with men who are in relationships, isn’t your MAN supposed to respect your relationship? Let’s face it, women can be sneaky and desperate. If your man is fine, they are not going to care that he has a girlfriend. It’s up to your man(you know the one who loves you and is committed to you) you tell those girls to back off. Point. Blank. Period. If you have to physically fight for your relationship maybe you should re-evaluate if that relationship is even worth saving, because after all that cussing and weave pulling, you’re the one who looks stupid.

Have you ever fought over a guy? Would you consider it?


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