Is He Cheating?

I recently had a talk with a friend of mine who has suspected her man of cheating. She was very adamant that he was cheating even though she had little to no proof. When I asked her if she asked him about it,she said no and gave me a crazy look. Usually when I want to know something, I just ask but I guess that’s not the case with cheating. So I asked her “If you didn’t confront him and have no proof, how do you know he’s cheating?” You should have seen my face when she said it was because he liked a picture of a half naked girl on Facebook. I didn’t know liking pictures on Facebook constituted as cheating now days. I guess she wasn’t too concerned because they’re still together and she never confronted him. After this episode I decided to do some research. So how do know if your man is cheating? Here are 5 signs you might want to watch out for.

5. Less Sex- A change in sex patterns can be an indicator your man is cheating. If you usually have a lot of sex and now he doesn’t seem interested or always has an excuse, he might be getting it from somewhere else.

4. Disappearing Acts- If he’s constantly busy,traveling more or unavailable to the point where you barely spend time together, he could be cheating.

3. Changing His Appearance-If he’s suddenly starting to care about his appearance more, there may be cause for concern. That doesn’t mean that because he finally starts to shave after you’ve told him a million times that he’s cheating. But if your coach potato boyfriend suddenly becomes obsessed with the gym, you may want to pay him a surprise visit one day.

2. He Accuses You- It is true that sometimes guilty people like to point the finger at others. If your boyfriend is constantly accusing you of cheating for no reason, he may be feeling guilty. Or if he’s always picking a fight with you, he may be fishing for an excuse to get out of your presence.

1. He’s Done it Before- They say “Once a Cheater Always a Cheater” This is not always true, as I do believe people can change but let’s face it, once you take a guy back, he’s bound to do it again. If you are going to forgive,make sure you don’t forget and keep your heart guarded.


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