Afraid of failure


“There is no failure except in no longer trying.”-Elbert Hubbard.

Have you ever wanted to do something really bad but you were afraid of failing at it? Ofcourse, we all have!

As I am beginning my final semester in college, I am becoming more and more terrified of failure. I’ve managed to make it to my senior year with a 3.9, while being involved in many organizations and honor societies, despite almost dropping out my sophomore year. It seems that even though I have had success and overcome many obstacles, I still doubt myself.

Last week, one of my organizations held auditions for an upcoming interest show for new members. This is a pretty big deal considering, the interest show I attended is what lead me to join this incredible organization. So why was I so hesitant to audition?

One word…fear!

As I was standing outside the building helping my friend practice her lines, so many thoughts ran through my head.

Why should I waste my time auditioning, when I know I’m not gonna make it? I’m not the best so they probably won’t pick me… If they don’t pick me, I’ll be embarrassed.

As my friend and I were rehearsing and I told her my doubts she said “I might not make it either, but at least you can’t say I didn’t try”.

Then it clicked! If she’s not afraid to try, why the hell am I? I decided to test my faith and audition anyway.

And…. I made it!

You see, fear can a be a dangerous tool used to hold you back from growth and even your destiny. I had already made it up in my mind that I wasn’t good enough and absolutely would not get picked. But who I am I to say that I can’t do something?  I am not the one judging so how could I possibly know?

Too many times we place ourselves as the judge and jury and let our fear talk us out if the things we want instead of  relying on our faith. What’s for you, will always be for you but you have to go get it. Life is way too short to not try!

And even if you don’t succeed the first time, instead of looking at it as a failure think of it as a stepping stone on your way to greatness. You can only fail so many times before you finally succeed!

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