Rock the Runway 2015 Brings Mardi Gras to Jackson!

Walk. Strut. Work! The annual Rock the Runway fashion show was held Saturday in Jackson, MS.


This year, Rock The Runway brings Mardi Gras to Jackson!

Every year, 97.7 WRBJ, Tambra Cherie, The Chanelle Renee Project, Sterling Photography, and Jason Bolin all team up to produce the biggest fashion show to hit Jackson. The event is filled with models, designers, and boutiques from all over the city. 97.7’s Midday Diva host Tambra Cherie says she absolutely loves this year’s event.

“This year, I’m so proud of not only the boutique owners, but also the designers. There’s over 60 models in the show and over 25 designers and boutiques. So I am so proud of them. We have some new designers you have never seen. We have some new boutiques you have never seen. For some of them, this is their very first fashion show and I absolutely love it.”

The opening scene took us to New Orleans with Mardi Gras inspired fashions and accessories. Tammy, owner of Modace Boutique was excited to return for her second year in the show and to showcase her new designs.

“ Very conservative, very classy. Like transitioning from college to career type of clothing.” said Tammy.

Many people who attended the were inspired by the different displays of fashion and are anticipating next year’s show.

Missed this years show? Check out some of the fabulous looks below!



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