“I don’t wait for opportunities, I create them” A look into the career of Jessica Simien


A native of Jackson, Mississippi by way of Baton Rouge, Louisiana, Jessica has always had big dreams.

The 27-year-old blogger, entrepreneur and Jackson State University alum is the voice behind her self-titled blog. Initially started as a hobby, JessicaSimien.com has grown to become a source for entertainment news, the latest in pop culture, inspiration, fashion, beauty and relationship talk. JessicaSimien.com features exclusive interviews, articles and opinion pieces by Jessica and other talented writers.

While at JSU, Jessica honed her abilities in writing, reporting and public relations. She got her start working at 88.5 WJSU as an afternoon show host, and as a Communications Intern for Nissan North America, Inc.

I worked directly with the communications department. At the time I wanted to work for a major PR firm but after that internship I quickly learned that I was not well suited for corporate PR. said Simien.

After graduating from JSU, Simien moved away from her hometown for the first time and it was then that her dreams began to form into realities. After enrolling at the University of Southern Mississippi and receiving her Masters Degree in Public Relations in 2012, Simien decided to go full throttle with her blog and hasn’t looked back since.

Currently Simien is a blogger and freelance public relations consultant. As a blogger she is responsible for maintaining her website as well as producing and developing written and visual content, managing a team of writers along with many more duties. As a PR consultant, she manages multiple accounts by coordinating their social media activities, writing/editing press releases, seeking sponsorships and planning events.

Although Simien enjoys her job, it does come with its challenges.

“I love PR so being able to practice it in the areas of my interest is the best thing about working for myself and being able to pick and choose my projects. The greatest challenge is always time management. It’s extremely difficult to juggle so many different projects at once while trying to have a personal life. Another challenge is living in an area with very little going on in terms of the industries many of my clients are trying to break into. Being a publicist requires knowing everyone and being able to call them up for favors or to get coverage and it’s hard when none of those people are local or the local publications are not relevant to your client or their audience.”

In today’s society social media has become a big part of our everyday lives. It has also become a very prevalent source in the news and entertainment industries. Simien says social media is a big part of her job and uses it to her advantage.

“I won’t say that it makes my job easier but it has increased the success of many of the projects I’ve worked on and developed. Your target audience is a lot more accessible and because people are always on social media, it’s more likely that you’ll get the responses you need.”

When she’s not working the red carpet arrivals, reporting live from major events, or writing for magazines or her websites, Simien advises students and aspiring media professionals.

jess teachjess

“Never think that you know it all…never stop learning and practicing.Our industry literally changes everyday and it takes a lot of work to stay on top. Try different techniques and approaches; take in everything that you will learn during your matriculation through your program because you will utilize it eventually.” adds Simien.

Check out JessicaSimien.com for your latest entertainment news and her personal blog thejessicadiaries.com. You can also follow her on twitter @jessicasimien and facebook www.facebook.com/jessicasimien/blog

Photos via thejessicadiaries.com

Sources: jessicasimien.com, thejessicadiaries.com


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